Submit Warranty Request

To submit a warranty simply fill in your product details and the fault description details of your warranty request.

  • PLEASE NOTE: a complete address must be provided. If you provide a incomplete address your RMA will be rejected.
  • We cannot return items if you do not provide a full address. Thermaltake will use your address for the sole purpose of returning goods.
  • We use a courier service to return goods. Please provide addresses which will have someone available to sign for goods during business hours. PO BOX is only acceptable for remote country locations where courier services do not cover.
  • Please note that the RMA number does not last forever, please try to return the item within 21 days. Once your RMA is over a month old and no item is returned to us, the request will be rejected.
  • Please read the full terms and conditions before you submit a warranty request.
  • Please allow the website a few minutes to send out an automated RMA email and number after pressing the SUBMIT button. Pressing it twice will result in duplicated RMA request.
  • RETURN TO BASE: Our warranty requires customers to pay for costs involved in shipping items back to our factory. Thermaltake will cover the costs of sending items back to the customer.
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Date of Purchase
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